Explain the current relationship between the US and China, such as


The reaction paper is an argument that uses the readings you have selected for a specific theory to assess. As you develop your argument, critically reflect on the assumptions, claims, and predictions of the theory being written about. Your argument needs to focus in on one theory which is classical realism pertaining to international relations theory. In order to do that, the international event selected is the current state of the relationship between the US and China and you must explain your theory about the current interaction and relationship between the US and China. Please evaluate whether classical realism does a better job explaining the United States.  be bExplain the current relationship between the US and China, such as tariffs, trade relationships, espionage and stealing technology. You must focus on evaluating classical realism and this relationship. The argument of the reaction paper can alsouilt around the practical implications of the classical realism theories at hand. We need to explain why China wants to be the dominant superpower of the world overtaking the US and why this will not occur. 

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