Biology 1

Discipline: Biology (and other Life Sciences)

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

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Triglycerides vary with respect to the number of...
C atoms in the tail, and double bonds in the tail. Tail lengths of 16-22 are common, with anywhere from 0-6 double bonds.

The presence of many C-C and C-H bonds causes fats to be...
Rich in energy and insoluble in water

What is the head of a triglyceride, and what are the tails?
The head is Glyceride, with three fatty acid tails (C-C and C-H bonds)

In fat synthesis, _______and fatty acids combine to make fats plus______.
glycerol; water
Water is the by-product of the reaction that makes ester links between glycerol and fatty acids.

In the reaction that builds a fat,_____groups react with________groups.
hydroxyl; carboxyl
Fatty acids supply the carboxyl groups, and the hydroxyls come from glycerol.

A food company hydrogenated a barrell of fat. The treatment...
Made the fat less fluid.
Hydrogenation removes double bonds, so the tails can straighten which makes them easier to stack. The stacking is what causes some fats to be solid at room temperature.

The most unsaturated fats have the most...
a. double bonds
b. single bonds
a. the most double bonds
Every double bond is a place where hydrogen could be added.

What do DNA, proteins, and fat have in common?
a. They are polar
b. They contain phosphorous
c. They contain carbonyl groups
c. They contain carbonyl groups

What is the chemical reaction called when a large molecule is broken down into the smaller parts that make it up?
hydrolysis reaction

Follicle cells in your scalp assemble proteins to build new hair. This most likely involves what kind of reactions?  dehydration synthesis

Why does an enzyme cease to function when it was become denatured?
Denaturation changes the shape of the active site of the enzyme, preventing it from binding with the substrate